Monday, April 4, 2011

Wayshowers United

The first move is to communicate my message, which is also your message, with an open soul who has passion, understanding and listening skill to comprehend it. If you feel this communication deeply, forward it to the one person who you can most deeply relate to.

Life for the seeker is defined by a quest to illuminate the truth and live in accordance with it. This challenge has eradicated much ignorance for the seeker, but provides more questions than answers.

What is wrong with the world? We are. What is right with the world? We are.

It is incumbent upon the compassionate and wise to transform our way of living for the betterment of all beings. The society we are a party of is lost. It has been owned and enslaved to a distorted ideology that has obscured the moral path of humanity under a veil of dim light. As we grow closer to comprehending the ultimate nature of reality, we must counteract the forces of fear and all its inertia to universal harmony by empowering all sentient beings to live in the light of freedom and love.

“The Game” begins when the player realizes the consequences of the end game: Scarcity, poverty, depression and the fascist control of the few over the rights of the many. The Game initiates when there is a realization that the biggest lie, the grandest theft, was the willingly enslavement of civilizations to a corruption beyond the scope of comprehension. The power that is held by the elites is based on the giving up of each individual’s sacred labors and the fruits thereof. When the injustices of the fiat money system are discovered understood or felt, there is a realization that money does not come from a building, a government, or from a so-called powerful or rich person, but from the value of each individual’s labor and the moment there is an agreement that abundance is a natural and sovereign right of everyone on the planet to have what is created by their effort and to be free of enslavement by those who would use their will over another. The idea of freedom and prosperity comes into the mind of that will and wish for power to create their own destiny, for better or worse.

As long as you breathe and want something, you are a player. This is a game and we want to win. The question is the first thing that comes into your mind: “What do I want?” Then another, "what do I have?"

Then you have begun the Game because you are thinking for yourself and seeing what you want and what you have. You have now become a player. You are now free to find others to begin the game with. You cannot play alone and you are not alone. In this game you are only in control of your wants and your needs but you are in total control of what you have and what you want.

The second move of the game, the first being sharing your message with one other person, is to awake to being a wayshower: the joyous, strong, devoted, wise loving soul, free from fear that is your pure essence. You pray this night, this day this morning to be the best you can be, to find in yourself the willing heart to see with the eyes of a new being. 

In this prayer, you change the evolution of your being through the power of your conscious awareness to manifest your light, your very being in accord with the energies being evoked and being received to become enlightened receptacles.

With the first move, you create inspiration for a new day where you are building the new world on new foundations with other wayshowers who are guided to walk this path by the teachings of light. They see this truth and feel this oneness, which is the binding love that brings us together.

The evolutionary breakthrough to new conscious awareness is achieved and lived by those wayshowers on the leading edge who are on the quest and accept this destiny given to them by the teachers of light. Awakened Wayshowers bring forth the future vision of reality. You are a wayshower in the first circle of the leading edge, a member, friend and co-creator of the righteous game.

As equals, our third move is to bring forth evolutionary ideas and transformational formulas to other circles. Our first community of wayshowers is a matrix point with an allegiance whose strong synergistic appreciation and multilateral communications has the power to change the world.

Our circular operational association within the Game is tasked with the enhancement of the right brain, the intuitive elements of the mind to increase telepathy and connect to the holographic planetary system. Through the method of attunement to congenial thoughts within the mental body and then the entrainment (brain synchronization) to consensual feelings with the emotional body, the alignment with the physical and non-physical worlds are completed.

Our primary objective is to coalesce, dilating the circle in ever-expanding communicative outreach to connect all beings in an overarching framework of love. The path across the bridge of this life is through honesty, sincerity and balance.

The mega powers corrupting the world are all in the same world you are in and they rely on one crucial thing: the people of the world, the constituency. This is where power resides and this is the public power that can bring about the evolution we believe is possible. You know the secret. We must work to bring together a movement with congenial spirits who have been through the same realizations and understand the importance of creating the constructive circle to end suffering and win the game.

See how far the Rabbit Hole really goes.

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