Monday, April 4, 2011

Life, Love, Death: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

             We are bombs with infinite fuses for creation, destruction and preservation, constant human explosions emitting our essence into people, places and thing, destined to impact the landscape of world consciousness. The field of combat is littered with the carrion of cognitive dissonances as well as the blossoming flowers of authentic being. Sometimes we let our inauthentic ego get the best of us and target others instead of our own underlying suffering , or let delusive ideology be a B-52 that discharges our steely hot anger and frustration on innocent parties. So what good upstanding bombs would we be if we did not examine our own wiring? Can we really choose what sets us off?, when and how we detonate and what is worth detonating for? Or is the myopia of a zenophobic, jingoistic, androcentric, and most frighteningly a-spiritual world enough to force us into a blissful ignorance of non-consideration and misplaced empathy?

            Our life was detonated at the moment of conception, it has already happened and the energy within us is going to leave that bomb one day, death it is going to happen – it is a certainty. It is far from morose to acknowledge that birth marks the first step taken into the grave. The day you were pressed into existence, half the journey is already complete; the remaining half will take a little time... or a little more, before the last fuse is lit. With life, death has also penetrated you: Now only one thing remains that you can do, something that depends on you, and that is love, to love the bomb you are, and the wiring you have the potential to alter to become the most compassionate, wise dazzling being possible.
 And because discovery love depends on you, and which fuses you decide to light, there is every possibility you may miss lighting the most sublime fuses we inherently possess.


There is every possibility that you may not be able to trigger your character, your novel existence. Hence the fear, the trembling, the anguish and anxiety about whether “you” will be about to make “it.” Yet, the trepidations imprinted on us by those who wire us do not have to define us to the extent we have left them.

Our wiring says, "Will I be able to move into love?" "Will I be able to flow into love?" But side by side with this agony, there is an ecstasy -- that one is free. This freedom, this transcendent, indescribable way of approaching all phenomena is open to everyone yet squandered through the craving of ignorance, greed and hatred on personal, state and international levels. In this anarchic world directed by the success of the powerful elites, your personal narrative, characterized by a yearning for freedom counter to the separateness of fear, is the key, the tool, to understanding the potential for efficacy you possess is much greater than what society has told you it possible.

Hope is when you stop worrying about the bomb others want you to be and love the bomb you are, desiring to manifest aesthetic excellence and be the self-fulfilling prophecy towards that end. As Henly wrote prophetically, 

I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul.

          Embrace the boundlessness of self-determinant agency and explode in the myriad multivalent directions devoid of fear. For it is fear that compromises our wiring most of all to separate us from love. Yet, our bomb cannot even activate without fear, which exists because of freedom. Mastery of freedom, precision and discrimination of our wiring restructures our minds for total ecstasy sans anxiety and makes the journey worth sailing skillfully.

If love was also predestined, as life and death are, then there would have been no fear, but then there would have been no ecstasy either -- because ECSTASY IS POSSIBLE ONLY WHEN YOU ACHIEVE SOMETHING, when consciously you choose something, when deliberately you arrive somewhere, when it is YOUR journey and you are not being dragged. That's the beauty of love and that's the danger too,

The time is now to detonate, you bright bombs of breathtaking ebullient bliss! 


  1. “I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul.”

    This line is beautiful....

  2. I cited Henly in my post good sir, and fie on the snollygosters who say otherwise!

  3. Great advice for a better living. Just stoping to worry abou many of the things that trouble us in life is a simple solution to avoid problems.

  4. @cool_cicler I don't think that stopping to worry is a simple solution by any means, I think are thirsts or thoughts are pretty engrained and that, seemingly paradoxically, there's many factors to consider on a daily basis, where quick-acting solutions are the best remedy to even getting to a state where worrying is an option. Also, I think the word avoid is interesting-- I think undesirable mental states have to be passed through, and the mindset, is not so much characterized self-diversion towards abstractions but just by sitting with it, letting it arising, breathing, and having it pass. There's peace in that.