Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fixed abilities or the chance to boundlessly soar through pure potentiality?

                                        How high to you dare to fly?

"Experts" called Entity theorists call for us to believe that  human abilities exist within us in  a finite supply that we cannot increase. Only so much toothpaste in the tube to squeeze. While certain barriers will determine physical abilities, that can be bettered by practice, this theory falls into a group think about scientists having a very limited view on human potential and only derived value in the first place because most of recorded history has been fueled by racist, agist, sexist, religionist, androcentric, ethnocentric ... etc. barriers to potential which have naturally kept people down and less-focused on other areas of 'self' development. 

     "I won't remember this in five seconds"

The more correct view on this question regards incremental theory, suggesting that while  while particular abilities vary from person to person, we can also improve upon them, as long as we are prepared to put in the necessary effort. But the droopy dogs and dream-defeaters hold fast and revel in the safety the platudinous warm comfort of their misplace assumptions. Now I'm no polemicist, but the idea that we have a fixed quantity of abilities that cannot be changed -- Doesn't every attempt to complete a goal or project becomes a measure of how resourceful or charismatic etc., you are?

If you teach a goof to fish...

How far will this take your self-efficacy to fashion your own space-time, sailing at the helm of your ship, navigating between the Scylla and Charybdis to attain the port prize? Do you even know what ports your drifting towards?

Beware the Scylla's tentacles!  This juxtapose is the origin of the phrase "In between a rock and a hard place"

Self-Actualization is a place to start! You are capable to redefine your self-construct! Self-actualization is the big “Why” question, it answers why you are here and why you are doing what you do.

All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.   Napoleon Hill


  1. interesting read, i don't agree to all the points you mentioned ( "people running out of human energy" ). But very thought provoking post.

  2. you have some interesting ideas.

  3. Hmm I like your blog style very much nice choice of pictures. Wish I could have a flying machine =(. Following

  4. I have a painting of the cart looking into the mirror and it says "what matters most is how you see yourself