Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hulking, slinking or crawling: Moves on the Path

What defines your crazy train?  Which neuroplastical tracks do our perceptual frenetic locomotives take? Dashing from one thrill or "obligation" stop to the next,  will we run out of fuel because the conductor pushes us too far, or not enough?"

In this multiverse, lets split ourselves first into being both the conductor and the train itself. The spiral spiral track we ride determined by environment and hereditary weather on the chronological tracks of existence can be daunting. But seeking knowledge and fun organically sees the ride smoothly and swims through the severest of sensations. There have been certain "rules" "norms" and "values" instilled and imposed on us by other conductors, some of them in groups which have caressed our paths in different directions. Without their basic imposed culture, we would have flown off the tracks long ago and never again touch the rails.

We are indeed indebted to those who keep us on the fresh, untrammeled paths of living. Yet when other have affected us to "be" in certain ways, or forcefully impose their will on the liberty of our actions.

Whatever the cause, continually traveling paths that evoke the rusting-rain of anger, delusion and greed - frequently grinding our wheels over the same behaviors- make some habit stations incredibly harder to alter. Yet the opposite is also true when we mindfully guide our mass of grey matter in accordance to the multiple possible intelligences we have (body, linguistic, existential, naturalistic, inter and intra personal, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic and spatial. Why don't our conductors practice riding routes more skillfully, is it that they've been trick by their "self" and society or simply not taught the 'right' things to master their elements? Slinking, wide slippery graceful, samurai steps, with couthe cowboy confidence and charisma, thats the smooth criminal course I care to cavort.

Meditation or yoga which is one of those 'right' activities to mastering the mind-body dualities, attaining peace of mind, etc. can make the ride pass more smoothly. Considering that a number of studies have linked meditation practice to functionally changing the physical structures of the brain in areas of attention, anxiety, depression and fear, we are given pause to think. Or not thinking, depending on whether or not the thought will release dopamine, seratonin or the stress-induced cortisol. 

                                              If this is your conductor, find a new conductor immediately!

What is your conductor shoveling into your train's furnace? What emotions are you allowing to drive you? Has your conductor been duped into filling the furnace with poisonous mental fuels that will only drive your mind crazy?  Most of the time our conductor is blinded by a number of silly chemicals that makes our train swerve erratically. His or her  spectacles are two fingers wide, far-sided and near-sided, and he loses his temper  when he doesn't think the train is going fast enough or that the people are not 'happy' or any number of things go 'wrong.' These thoughts of course are often very short-sighted or pegged for illusory long-term goals. These passengers on your mind train that are constantly after desires or any sandtraps of suffering cannot be missed, they stick out like swore thumbs on the train, complaining that their seat is uncomfortable or the landscapes are too bland. Other people, the sunshiners are enjoying the scenery, relishing in the curves of the mountain passes and the sway of buffalo grass in the flatlands. There is no duality between "good" or "bad" thoughts yet know which thoughts guide you on your path and which roll you off a cliff of false consciousness.

What is masculine, what is feminine? What is gay or straight?, what is the right way to 'behave' ? Which taboos should be heeded? Question everything you emphasize with respect to your conductor's time. The ride won't last forever, so make each twist and bend unforgettable.

"The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same." - Carlos Castenada

Stay thirsty my friends


  1. that last quote is quite true. we are our own worst enemies most of the time.

  2. I can't emphasize enough how much meditation has helped me.

  3. oh i also really like a softer world. it's really good sometimes.

  4. @Marian Me too! so much unneccessary hypermasculine aggression thrown around, making people unplussed, not sure how to react and questioning themselves in social situations. It would be nice to encourage a change!